Contact Underearners Anonymous℠

By mail
PO BOX 1839
NEW YORK NY 10163-1839

By email

Media inquiries


UA does not maintain formal offices or staff. Email inquiries are handled by volunteer members of the Fellowship and answers may sometimes be delayed several weeks.

A great way to get your questions answered is through one of the fifty phone meetings that take place throughout the week. There are three ways to get specific questions answered on these phone meetings:

1. At the daily morning meetings (at 8:30am EST and 9:45am EST) someone is designated to greet those new to UA at the end of the meeting and to answer any questions you might have.

2. Near the close of the meeting, time is set aside to facilitate the exchange of numbers after the close of the meeting. This is when you can ask for the number of someone you heard talking at the meeting.

3 At half past each meeting's start time (at 30 min.) the meeting stops for UA related announcements. You can introduce yourself at this time and ask if someone could talk with you after the meeting.

Someone from our Fellowship will be happy to answer your questions.
And thank you again for contacting UA.

General Service Board Meetings

The UA General Service Board meets monthly on the 4th Monday of the Month at 8:00pm US EST. Meetings are held for one hour via tele-conference at
(712-775-7100. Code: 744239#).

All members of UA are welcome to dial in and listen. Participation in the meetings is reserved for members of the GSB, and other service representatives who have made a commitment to this level of Service, in order to discuss items already on the GSB Agenda. Comments from other members will be welcome as time permits.

If you wish to have items added to the Agenda, and to participate in a meeting, please send a note during the month to and someone will notify you when the item has been added to the upcoming Agenda.

Thank you for your interest in UA’s ongoing development.